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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Transformers Universe Limited Series (Marvel Comics 1986)

Transformers Universe #1, 1986 Marvel Comics
Page from Transformers Universe #2, 1987 Marvel Comics

 Transformers Universe (Limited Series)

Published by Marvel Comics
Cover Price $1.25 each
4 Issues, 32 pages each + interior covers as pages, full color, wraparound covers
December 1986 - March 1987

Transformers Universe is one of the prized sets of comic books in my collection not because of it's value (about $5.50 each in mint condition) but because it was presented in the same way the Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe was and it was all the Transformers (as far as I know) at the time.

 These books included in total around 128 character profiles from the TV, Movies (the 80's one) and comic books. It's format was kept pretty simple too. A full sized picture of the Transformer with his vehicle form below. Most characters got one page entries that included it's Name, Allegiance, Function, First Appearance, a quote from the character, Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses. This was a perfect book for any fan to get to know the characters or refresh themselves on characters they may have forgotten about. The only thing odd I found about the entries is that some of the characters bio's did not include a First Appearance listing. I figure that these characters did not appear in the comic books up until this point and that they were characters from the TV show.

Transformers Universe #2, 1987 Marvel Comics
  The art in the series is all basically the same style poses where characters are standing at a slight angle with arms down in most cases. This gives you a pretty good view of how the character looks from top to bottom. I am not sure who actually drew these books there are a lot of names at the beginnings of the books but no pencilers were listed just the two inkers/embelishers Ian Akin and Brian Garvey with "Artwork based on model sheets by Marvel Productions" under their names in issues 2-4.

 I found these issues at the K&B Drugs store way back in 1987 and as a kid and already a fan of the Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe I was really excited about this and luckily I found all 4 of these on the same day because back then I had no way of getting comic books except through drug stores or grocery stores it was rare that I ever made it to a comic book store. My copies of these comics are in really good condition still to this day they are a bit worn and nowhere near mint condition but they are cherished. Every now and then I like to revisit these issues to look back on all the characters that  helped give the kids of the 1980's a great childhood.

Transformers Universe #3, 1987 Marvel Comics
 I'll leave you with a quote from just about everyone's favorite Transformer Optimus Prime "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

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Kevin P. Johnson

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Transformers Universe #, 1987 Marvel Comics

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