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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Firestar #1 - One-Shot

They had me at Firestar and in the end  I truely was had. When I heard Marvel was doing a One-Shot Firestar comic I was excited because I have read very little about the character and have always wanted to know more about her since I was 10 years old way back in 1981 when the character was created for the animated TV show Spider-Man and His Amazing-Friends.  

When I saw the Stephanie Hans cover for this comic I was blown away and this has instantly become a member of my favorite comic book covers of all time. Sadly this is the best thing about the whole comic book.

The writing was fine, the art was good but the comic was a big nothing throw away. There is no adventure, there is no villain, there is no earth shattering fight scene, its just a story about Firestar's non-superhero personal life.

It has a nice moment where Firestar and her highschool enemy (now alcoholic soon to be divorced) have a turning moment in their lives where they just might end up friends but it's the kind of thing that should be the back story in an ongoing series and not the focus of a one-shot comic that has a $3.99 price tag.

The comic goes nowhere exciting until the very end when Firestar decides to continue being a Superhero andflies out the window right into a tag line that says "follow FIRESTAR into the pages of YOUNG ALLIES #1 on sale in JUNE!" I've been had and this was all a big advertisement for another series that I do not plan on buying and I suggest that you also pass on the Firestar #1 One-Shot . . . unless you are buying it for the cover . . . I do love the cover.

- Kevin P. Johnson

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