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Friday, May 24, 2013

Mucho Man #1 by Chris Marino

Mucho Man by Chris Marino
Issue #1 Free (digital), future issues $1.00 (digital)
Color covers, black and white interiors
27 pages (including cover)

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So what is Mucho Man? In the world where Mucho Man exist each country has a superhero representative sent to worldwide team called the "United Mega-Heroes" that started after the "Mega War".

Issue #1 starts with the last tale of El Pistolero the current member of the United Mega-Heroes representing Mexico. El Pistolero is a gun toting sombrero wearing badass that never misses a shot. He has no superpowers and yet has been the only Mexican representative in the United Mega-Heroes. What you will get from the El Pistolero story is the building blocks for why Mucho Man becomes Mexico's new hero. I won't spoil it but I will say that whatever happens involves armored flying prawns and that's worth cover price for sure (and since it's FREE it feels like you are stealing). I hope this comic comes back to the El Pistolero character in the future telling more of his past because he seems to be a character I could read for days on end.

You also meet Magnanimous who is America's hero with the power to create magnetic orbs and generate electro-magnetic pulses . . . he can also fly which I assume is sort of the same thing as Marvel Comics' Magneto does. Magnanimous is put in charge of bringing Mexico's newest hero into the United Mega-Heroes and has to convince him to quit his current occupation and become what he is meant to be.

After Mucho Man takes the reigns as Mexico's hero something wonderful happens that put's this comic on a level that I don't want to come down from. The villain . . . Austrian born fish throwing menace The Red Herring . . . he comes in at the end of the book but we get one of the best 6 page fight scenes I've seen in a long time . . . mostly because fish are weapons and that made me laugh (out loud at that) and I want more of it.

The art of Mucho Man  has a slight indie feel to it but works really well on this superhero book. The characters are original and creatively thought out and the overall silly ideas placed around a good story make for nothing but fun. The only thing I wish that I could change about this comic is that it's not in color and I love the colors of the characters on the covers.

Original Sketch CD ROM's
The comic is only available on the web through Graphicly at $1.00 an issue or you can get a CD ROM version from Chris if you see him at a convention that he will do an original sketch on which makes them extra cool . . . I'll be getting one of these.

I've thrown in some of the covers below for you to check out . . . GO READ THIS COMIC NOW!

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Kevin P. Johnson

Mucho Man #2

Mucho Man #3

Mucho Man #5

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