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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (Marvel Comics 2013)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Issue #1
Published by Marvel Comics
Cover Price $3.99
21 story pages, full color
May, 2013
Brian Michael Bendis - Writer
Steve McNiven - Penciler
John Dell - Inker
Justin Ponser - Colors

Well this is where the story should have started. A much better introduction than the 0.1 issue for sure but still the book seems to be mainly focused on Star-Lord. It does take about half the book before we get the names of the entire team Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and of course Star-Lord and umm Iron Man maybe?

Interior pencils from Guardians Of The Galaxy #1

The issue starts off with Star-Lord (Peter Quill) being met by his father the King of Spartax Planetary System. They have a light hearted argument yet heated argument and basically it ends up that Star-Lord is to leave the Earth alone and it will be left alone by all others as well. Well Star-Lord see's flaws in this theory and heads to Earth anyway.

When approaching Earth Star-Lord and the Guardians Of The Galaxy meet up with Iron Man who has come into battle in space near the Earth with an alien race known as the Badoon. The battle rages on and a really good fight scene ends up taking the last eleven pages of the book. In the battle Groot the tree-like character who looks pretty awesome is blow up but I assume he can regenerate because Rocket Raccoon finds a little piece of him and it seems that that is all that is needed.

Interior spread art used as a Marvel Comics Wallpaper

So this issue to me is a lot better than the 0.1 issue and has taken that rub the wrong way and put it back to a neutral rub. I like the art, the inking is done by a local guy (for me) John Dell and you can't go wrong with big fight scenes. I still don't really know anything about these characters but I'll try a few more issues and see where it goes.

Rocket Raccoon Limited Series #1
The one thing I really don't like about this issue is that Rocket Raccoon doesn't look cool, he doesn't look awesome and he doesn't look funny, he looks like a crazed freak. Actually he almost looks like a cat and that helmet he's wearing has got to go. I prefer the Rocket Raccoon of old over this version any day.

So as I said before this series is at a draw for me now I'll need a lot more good than bad to become a permanent reader of Guardians Of The Galaxy but I think I should be ready for the movies by the time I figure out if this is a keeper title.

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Kevin P. Johnson 

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