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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Sire #1-3, Mikebooks/Aftershock Comics

The Sire (2011)
Published by: Mikebooks/Aftershock Comics
Cover Price: #1 $2.99, #2-3 $3.99

Michael Dolce - Creator/Writer/Colorist
Dan Leister - Penciler
Talent Caldwell - Cover Artist #1-2
Tyler Kirkham - Cover Artist #3
Darren Sanchez - Editor
Catrina Cerise-Arana - Colorist

The Sire #1
The Sire Interior page
The Sire #2
The Sire #3
             The Sire #1-3 begins the tale of a young man named Donald Wright who accidentally comes into a costume that gives him the superpowers of The Sire. The costume has an agenda of it's own and takes control of Donald and forces him to save the world from evil doers. His identity is covered by a mask but he is recognized by his boss TV reporter J.J. Waterson and a psychotic millionaire who is behind more than Donald knows at first.

Donald is not the only one who has gained powers it seems to have happened all around the world including three prisoners who use their new found powers for crime. These three villains become the main threat to Donald in the first three issues and are what I'd describe as "Starter Viliiains" for our hero. I think they will

Overall I like the book, I think the story has promise and is a bit different than most superhero comic books where the hero isn't in control of his actions (at this point anyway). I like the covers on these comics done by Talent Caldwell (#1 & 2) they have a bit of a 1990's feel to them but are simple and effective. The cover for #3 is by a different artist Tyler Kirkham but has the same feel with a bit more details.

The interior art is by Dan Leister and it is a little different than the covers but maintains that 1990's influenced style. It works for me some panels are better than others but it is pretty consistent throughout the three issues. The colors of The Sire comic are by Michael Dolce and really well done and fitting for this comics style.

The Sire has a classic superhero costume which is memorable in it's simplicity. On the other hand the villains that we meet in the first three issues are not much more than regular looking people in prison jumpsuits and we don't get a real super bad guy until the end of issue three when we get a demonic looking creature that looks to be a real threatening supervillain (you'll have to read the book to get a picture of him). I do think that the three prisoners we meet will have an ongoing story and possibly become real threats in the future to the Sire.

Overall the story is good and the characters seem really interesting, my only complaint about the book is that the fight scenes seem to be a bit short with a lot of talking during the fights. I don't mind there being a lot of talking in the comics but I'd like to see longer superhero fight scenes that last five or six pages and full of action. I feel like this hero can be an awesome force once he learns the abilities of his costume and it should be shown over multiple pages at a time. I'd definitely like to read more of this comic in the future I'm a sucker for a superhero book with new and interesting characters.

The Sire is currently on issue #8 and is available in print as well as digital editions. You can get the print books from the online store here and get all of the digital versions on Comixology.

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