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Friday, May 29, 2009

Backing Boards # 7 : Justice League Of Ameica #30

This issue of Justice League of America takes place in the middle of a story and isn't anything groundbreaking but it is getting a quick review because of the villain SHADOW THIEF. I don't know how long this character has been around but I really would enjoy reading more stories with him in them. Shadow Thief is a fun old school type of character can that take control of shadows including the shadow of his enemies. I'd love to read a comic where Superman had to fight his own shadow or the Flash had to out run his shadow to save the world (he did actually have to out-run his shadow in this issue).

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blackest Night #0 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

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Blackest Night #0 . . . Boy look what have I been missing!

DC Comics are often a bit confusing to me I know a lot of the characters but I don't know a lot of the stories. I've only been reading DC comic books regularly for about three or four years and have long wanted to read Green Lantern but have never been able to fit it into the old budget and for months I have heard how great the title is and all the different color lanterns that are out there and how it just sounds like great fun. I've listened to plenty of podcast's and they seem to drool over the Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern titles and I've missd it all.

Well on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2009 I knew DC was giving away a the Blackest Night #0 and I figured I'd get it and flip through it and see what it was all about. Geoff Johns' writing was awesome as usual and the art by Ivan Reis blew me away.

Page 4 and 5 stand as my favorite comic book images in quite a while (at least this month) and I absolutely love the colors.

I don't have a clue as to what all these other lanters are about besides the brief review in the back but by the end of it I have put Blackest Night on my DCBS pull list and have began to seek out Green Lantern trades. There are sometimes that you hear about stuff for so long and ignore it for one reason or another but as soon as you get a taste you get hooked . . . I am hooked on the Blackest Night series already and I will somehow have to figure out how to get Green Lantern into my pull list.

-Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2009 Kevin P. Johnson

Marvel Mini-Comics free Comic Book Day 2009

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Last Saturday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2009 and there were some good things being given away this year. Among the most interesting were Marvel Comics two titles Wolverine and The Avengers. I read both of the issues this week and was happy they were both new comics the Wolverine was a retelling of his origin and seemed geared to a younger audience while the Avengers was a completely new story featuring the Avengers vs. the Dark Avengers vs. the Frost Giant Ymir. That was a fun story and I hope that it makes its way into future Avengers books and they left the ending open for such a story to happen.

The main thing about these comics are that they are smaller than normal comics by about 1/2 inch wide and about 3/4 of an inch in height. Now the thing is this doesn't bother me at all mostly we all want bigger comics to view the artwork but in the world we live in where everything is so expensive I think this format could make comics cheaper. I hope that Marvel and DC Comics try to experiment more with this maybe put out a few titles in the smaller format and see if it catches on. There would be less paper cost on the printing end and they still look great. I know some fans will rebel because the comics wont match their collections but if you put them in the same bags an boards you wouldn't even know the difference. I know that Marvel did this because they had to sell these comics to the stores cheaper than normal and that they had to cut their cost so that they wouldn't lose money in doing so. I personally think that they have stumbled upon something that can save everyone some money and make comics a little more afforable for everyone.

-Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2009 Kevin P. Johnson

Friday, May 1, 2009

NOLA Comic-Con 2009 Review

Well last Saturday was the NOLA Comic-Con 2009 and it was a nice event. I was there promoting Strange City Heroes my webcomic/print comic. I took a few pictures and they can be found on the NOLA Comic-Con 2009 page. The convention was small but nice probably 600 people showed up and the age old saying that kids and women don't read comics is a falsehood. There were kids of all ages there and beautiful women all buying comic books . . . as well as all the boys. This was my first convention and it had its successes and failures but it was a good experience and I hope to do more of them. The highlight of the day was meeting Dave Pirner of the band Soul Asylum and having him buy my comics and ask me for my autograph.

The show was put on by Media Underground Comics , with several other dealers from the area including Magic Comics and Hobbies , Louisiana Doubleplay and from beyond the grave Crescent City Comics were there.

Mass Casualty Comics came and put on a great horror makeup display as they had people walking around bloodied and gross and they said it smelled like cinnemon.

The 501st Legion of Baton Rouge Redstick Rebellion, LA was there and had many awesome Star Wars costumes to display. And the characters walked around in full costume taking pictures with everyone and just being awesome.

Next year the show will probably be bigger and better I can't wait I hope they do this every year. Next year I hope to get to shop.

Kevin P. Johnson
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