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Friday, February 29, 2008

Snowman Hulk: A Parody Artwork

Hello all,
Here is a little drawing I did its called Snowman Hulk: A Parody. I put it on eBay this week so if you like it go get it starting price is $9.99

This listing is for 1 original 5" x 7" drawing created by Kevin P. Johnson. This drawing features a parody of the Marvel Comics character The Incredible Hulk as a snowman and was hand drawn, inked and colored by the artist.
Title: "Snowman Hulk: A Parody"
Date: February 2008
Medium: Speedball Super Black India Ink
Paper: Strathmore Bristol 100 lb. Smooth


Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suggested Comic Book Podcasts

Hello all,
Here are a few comic book podcast that I suggest any comic book fan with a computer and/or an ipod listen to:

Comic Geek Speak
Indie Spinner Rack
Fanboy Radio
Quiet! Panelologist At Work
The Dollar Bin
Pipeline Comic Book Podcast
Around Comics
Collected Comics Library
Birds Of Geek

All of these podcasts come out pretty regularly and are very informative and often funny. Around Comics may be ending (I hope they don't) but there are many back episodes to download. Podcast are best listened to when you are supposed to be working.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Monday, February 25, 2008

Spider-Man Gumball Machine circa 1979

The crazy crap you'll find on eBay. This is something I had to have because when it was auctioned it said "includes the original gum from 1979" know you want to know what that looks like...wish I could show you but Hurricane Katrina took that away from the world.
So its a plastic gumball machine about 10.5 inches tall made by Hasbro Industries Inc. and it actually works. Drop a nickle in the coin slot and then WHAMO! a gumball drops out. Only problem is it has to be those tiny little gumballs that you'd need three or four to get your chew on!
This little gumball machine came wrapped in plastic and had The Amazing Spider-Man logo on the packaging but Hurricane Katrina took that too. I grabbed the machine on the way out when evacuating and left the crazy charming parts behind. So by now you are wondering what gum from 1979 looked like in 2005...pretty damned gross. It was like the gumballs joined together and the colors blended into a strange Seussian swirls with this layer of blackish green mold on was awesome!
I think I paid around $12 for this and I gotta say it's worth every penny.
- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson


Get your official I READ COMIC BOOKS merchandise from my Cafe Press store located at , designs are updated often. Also please check out my other designs.
- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Abominable Update - Here's where you can find it

This image is copyright © 2005 Pat N. Lewis and is used as a Fair Use Review image only. Image will be removed upon request of Pat N. Lewis.

Pat Lewis contacted this blog and gave an update on where you can find the Abominable story. Below is what he said:

"FYI, "Abominable" is included as one of the stories in THE CLAWS COME OUT, which was just published in hardcover format by IDW in December 2007. I'm no longer selling the minicomic, but anyone who's interested should be able to get THE CLAWS COME OUT from their local comic shop,, or my website.Thanks again!--Pat"

Pat's website is

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Abominable by Pat Lewis

This image is copyright © 2005 Pat N. Lewis and is used as a Fair Use Review image only. Image will be removed upon request of Pat N. Lewis.

Abominable, 2005 Lunchbreak Comics
Cover Price: $5.00
Written and Drawn by Pat N. Lewis
B&W 48 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Major Characters:
Lisa, Jenkins, Luther (The Brain Damaged Janitor), The Abominable Snowman, Vicki, & a dinosaur called Junior.

My Review: (As spoiler free as possible)
WOW!!! This comic is soooo fun. Abominable is a great little story about a girl, a crappy job, and a big bad monster.

Lisa is called into her former job as a research scientist at Sunshine Labs to work on a hurried job on the Abominable Snowman project. Lisa's weasel of a boss Jenkins leaves her on her own and the fun ensues. The story seems to move nonstop all the way to the end and that's a good thing for me It probably will take you 10 minutes at most to read this 48 page comic but you'll smile even at the gory parts because they are just funny. Lisa finds out quickly that when you wake up the Abominable Snowman he's going to be angry and he's going to be hungry. You'll meet the brain damaged janitor Luthor who will provide several good laughs, you'll also see a destructo ray and a dinosaur named junior and well some strange and humorous experiments go on behind closed doors at Sunshine Labs.

Pat N. Lewis has a wonderful cartoon style with great black and white images and it puts a smile on my face to see his images. Even if you don't read this comic take a visit to his website listed below to enjoy some of his artwork.

I found this comic on eBay about two months ago I had heard about it about a year before and I found it totally by accident. I really don't know how easily it will be for you to track down . The eBay store I bought it from ( had three copies. If you go to you will find many other comics and artwork by Pat N. Lewis but I see no mention at this time of Abominable. I came across Abominable when I searched for Mini Comics on eBay when I was trying to expand my horizons a little bit and I got a few good laughs and found a new artist I really like.

Happy Hunting!!!

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Friday, February 22, 2008

Soon To Be Reviewed Comics

Hello all,
I just wanted to let you know a few of the comics I will be reviewing in the near future. Indie comics will get their first, second and third reviews (sort of). Abominable by Pat Lewis from Lunchbreak Comics, Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Peterson from Archaia Studio Press and from Fantagraphics Books Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis The Mennace 1951 -1952 reprinting classic newspaper strips from the past. Finally in the review pile I have DC Comics Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales & Michael Bair. Depending on how fast I can re-read these books will determine how fast I can review them. I may have reviews pop up before some of these but these are on the to do list for sure and will happen before long.

Thanks for reading,
Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Uncanny X-Men #170

This image is copyright 1983 Marvel Comics Group and is used as a Fair Use Review image only. Image will be removed upon request of Marvel Comics Group.

Uncanny X-Men #170, June, 1983
Story Title: "dancin' in the dark"
Cover Price: .60 cents

Writer: Chris Claremont
Pencils: Paul Smith
Inker: Bob Wiacek
Colorists: P. Becton & J. Casey
Leterer: Tom Orzechowski
Editor: Louise Jones
Editor-In-Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Art: Paul Smith

Major Characters:
Scott Summers (Cyclops), Madelyn Pryor, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Angel, Calisto, Sunder,Kitty Pryde, Caliban, Plague, Mystique, & a lrge group of Morlocks.

1983, that's a while ago for me and its when Uncanny X-Men became a part of my life. If you've read my first post you know the beginnings of this if not I'll explain. Somewhere around June 1983 I was 11 years old and I was at my grandparents house in New Orleans, Louisiana and by fate I guess, I just happened to be there when someone's subscription somehow found its way to my grandparents mailbox. They asked me if I wanted it and I said yes. I read it and I was blown away I never knew or at least I never understood before that superheroes existed like these. I had known about them in cartoons but this was different I never had the chance to read about them I had read Disney and Warner Bros. cartoon comics before but never Superheroes that I can remember and this marks the start of my comic book collecting life.

The story (SPOILERS):
There are three themes to this comic Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyn Pryor are in the early stages of a dating relationship. They both express that they like each other and Scott is a bit confused by her overwhelming resemblance to the deceased Jean Grey (Phoenix). By the books end he shows Madelyn his secret mutant power of Force Beams that fire from his eyes.

Mystique appears briefly having strange nightmares about Jean grey and Jason Wyngarde. This doesn't reveal much but while talking to Destiny she realizes her daughter Rogue is missing.

The heart of the book is the part that got me hooked...MUTANTS...holy crap I never heard the word before but I'll remember it forever. A mutant is someone born with a special power or ability that may or may not want that power and may or may not be able to control it. Calisto (leader of the mutant group the Morlocks) has captured a group of X-Men and has intentions of being married to Angel whom she believes to be the most beautiful man in the world. Calisto has clipped his wings so he can not get away. Colossus, Nightcrawler and Storm have all been captured and Kitty Pryde sick with Plague is being held by Caliban who is obsessively in love with her.

The X-Men escape when Colossus changes into his organic steel form breaking his binds and I was blown away to see Nightcrawler teleport away with a BAMF! taking Calisto out of the way inciting several of the Morlocks to react aggressively. The X-Men are recaptured when Plague touches Storm and threatens to kill her if the X-Men do not surrender. Caliban brings the sick Kitty Pryde to Calisto who is indifferent to her illness and says "If the brat dies, she dies" with this Storm challenges Calisto to a duel.

Calisto informs Storm that this is a powerless duel and to the death. Both armed with knives the fight ensued and Storm made quick work of Calisto in a battle that lasted only moments using her cape to bind Calisto's knife hand and stabbing her through the heart. Storm did what was necessary to save Kitty Pryde and in doing so became the leader of the Morlocks.

Calisto did not die due to the aid of a Morlock healer (this occurs off panel).

My Review:
I love this comic because it introduced me to the X-Men and gave me something that let me know that lots of people are different in this world and were all trying to be accepted for who we are. Paul Smith's pencils are tight and when I think of 80's comics his style is what comes to mind. This comic book didn't have everything I could ever want in a comic book and surely isn't my favorite artwork of all-time and its not the best comic book I've ever read but it is the most important comic book I have ever laid eyes on, the story has stuck with me since I was eleven years old and the cover art is burned on my brain forever. I recommend this to any X-Men fan who has never gone back to the early days of the second team of X-Men. Chris Claremont is regarded as one of the best X-Men writers of all time and he kept X-Men fans happy for many years.

I give this a highly biased 10 out of 10

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Comic Book Reviews

Whith this blog I will be reviewing comic books, graphic novels, artwork, comic book related movies and anything else that I find interesting in the world of comic books. I also plan to show my own artwork here hopefully readers will like that. This is one of the many adventures I've been hoping to get started in my life so here we go!

The basics are that I plan to review complete stories and not every comic that comes out monthly. There will be plenty of Marvel and DC but count on the indies too. Sometimes I'll do old comics too that may be single issues or specific runs. My first review will be of Uncanny X-Men #170 which is really the start of it all for me as a collector.

Please note that my reviews are just my opinion and I would love to hear your feedback but please don't make this a hate fest and by all means make suggestions of things for me to review and if I have it or can get my hands on it I surely will. Indie creators send me you websites or contact me if you'd like to send me your comics for review. I would love to help spread the word on everyone that I can.

-Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why am I Here?

Why am I here? The answer is Uncanny X-Men #170 and I'll get to that later on.

My dream is to someday either work in the comics business or at least self publish my own comic book. I tried this once but failed I just could not get the art good enough and I could never allow myself to publish something I did not like.

I first started reading comics as a young child or the funnies as they used to be called in the newspapers. I liked Beetle Bailey and Peanuts, Andy Capp and quite a few others. I remember a collection of old Looney Tunes character comic books my grandparents had these were probably from the 1960's or early 1970's...I wish I had them today. These characters laid the groundwork for what I enjoy today.

At age 12 around June of 1983 there was a mistake made by the United States Postal Service...the one mistake that changed everything I ever knew about comics, the mistake that made me fall in love with characters that are heroes and villains in my imagination. The mistake was that someone in New Orleans, Louisiana on Painters Street had a subscription to the Uncanny X-Men from Marvel Comics and it was delivered to my grandparents house by accident. For some reason they gave it to me, maybe because I was there or maybe because of fate but issue #170 of The Uncanny X-Men was in my hands and this began my journey into comic books. For those of you who don't know this issue is when Storm fought Callisto of the Morlocks and defeated her making Storm the leader of the Morlocks. I eventually lost the issue and it took me quite a few years to come across another copy of this comic I probably have 3 or 4 copies now including a CGC Graded 9.6 copy (Although I cracked the case and have to get that fixed) it is one of my most prized possessions.

So I really got into comics at age 13 and Made Mine Marvel for the most part. I remember comics were .75 cents - .80 cents with tax so I started snagging my lunch money for comics...I was a kid and Spider-Man was more important that school lunch for sure. We had no Comic Book store in the town of Violet, Louisiana where I lived at that time (which was eventually destroyed by Hurricane Katrina years later) so I had to buy my comics off of spinner racks at the K&B Drug Store or Time Saver gas station, Winn-Dixie or even the old Hi-Lan Food Store. I loved Marvel Comics and that has love has remained until today.

Eventually I found out about a place called The BookWorm of New Orleans East and it was the most awesome place in the world to me but it was about 30 miles from where I lived so I was almost never able to go there. I started stopping in there a few years ago as an adult ocassionally just because of my memories of going there as a kid and the management was always so great. I don't know his last name but Terry was an awesome guy who lit up when he talked about comics and I miss that. Hurricane Katrina took his store from us all and I hope that he will re-open someday.

So at somepoint between the time I moved from Violet, Louisiana to Slidell, Louisiana I found an add in a comic book for a place called New England Comics in Brockton, MA and they promised guaranteed comics in NM condition and a free bag and board this was my answer to not haveing a Comic Shop near my comics came to my door. It wasn't as awesome as the comic shops always seemed to me but it was a great way to know what I wanted would be there for me. I used New England Comics for several years until I actually quit reading comics...I started college and had no money and of course I was upset with all the gimmick costly covers coming out in the early 1990's late 1980's so I went to college in 1992 and stopped collecting comics about 98% not because I didn't still love the characters and the stries just had other things that needed to be done. I guess it was 1999 or 2000 when I decided I wanted to get back into reading X-Men comics again and so I made a trip out to the Old Book Worm and then contacted New England Comics and soon I was back in the flow of finding back issues and getting the new stuff. I moved to Metairie, Louisiana and visited BSI Comics on Severn Avenue and there was a pretty awesome store they had lots of new comics and lots of old comics but I remained loyal to New England Comics due to the convenience and accuracy of ordering my comics by mail. After a few years with New England Comics and me having to move back to Slidell, Louisiana due to losing my job and pretty much starting over I found a new comic shop in Slidell back in late 2004 called Magic Comics & Hobbies it was really small but the owner David Strecker is awesome and he'd do whatever he could to get you what you needed. I split my order for a while with Magic Comics and New England Comics and eventually went 100% with Magic Comics & Hobbies.

In 2007 as gas prices rose to alltime highs I had to resort to buying my comics through Discount Comic Book Service an internet based store that provides huge discounts on comics and all that is related. I still stop in the local stores fairly often.

I was very lucky in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck I had been living with my Mother for a while while trying to get my life back together here home was destroyed by the tidal surge that reached at least 8 feet where we lived but by a bizzare twist of fate or maybe God is a comic book collector but my comics stored about two miles away in a storage unit were unharmed there was serious flooding and tidal surge probably less than 1 mile away.

So anyway I'm a comic book fan, I love the art, I love the heroes, I love the villians and I love the stories...I even love that weird smell of an old comic shop. I hope to become friends with some new people here and share stories of how much comics are a part of your lives.

-Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson