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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Backing Boards #5 - Amazing Spider-Man: New Ways To Die

I love Spider-Man,
I love comic books,
This is a great comic book,
This is a great comic book about Spider-Man that I love!

To me this is old school comics in a modern world. I've enjoyed every moment of Spider-Man since One More Day (I still want Spidey and Mary Jane back married though) and each issue is just plain fun. I'm not sure where Spider-Man is going but I can't wait to get there!!

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Backing Boards #4 - SPAWN

Spawn #185 came out with the news that Todd McFarlane would be back on the book. Now I have not read Spawn in quite a while #119 was the last issue I bought after a run from #88 -119. I missed out on a lot of Spawn over the years before #88 and after #119 but always wanted to read the entire story. Anyway I heard McFarlane would be on and Whilce Portacio would be penciling and longtime Spawn writer Brian Holguin would be writing along with McFarlane. This seemed like a great team to me. So I got in #185 and on the inside cover it say Todd McFarlane digital inks this made me happy because Todd doesn't do much art anymore (for published comics anyway) so this is a nice thing for me because I always liked his work and will take what I can get.

I read the issue and it was a pretty fast read but eventful and I'm excited to get the next issue. I had heard that this issue was the start of a reboot for Spawn and it would be a great jumping on point so I wasn't worried about being lost or anything (I had a few questions) but it seems like this is going to be a fun comic again. If you have not read Spawn #185 yet I promise you will be blown away by the end of the issue and wondering what's going to happen next.

I'm ready to be a Spawn fan again and as long as Image keeps it coming out every month I'll stay on this book for a while.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

My Current DCBS Order November 2008

These are the comics I have on order with DCBS for the month of November 2008, feel free to discuss what you are excited about.

Well I've been away from the blog for over a month but I'm back to get a few in tonight.

I got my DCBS order almost perfectly down to budget which is $50 with a total cost of $53.13 and I got a decent amount of comics too.

Here's the new order:
Action Comics #873
Amazing Spider-Man #582
Amazing Spider-Man #583
Amazing Spider-Man #584
Batman #685
Captain America #46
Dark Avengers #1
Detective Comics #852
Faces Of Evil: Grundy #1 (1 Shot)
Final Crisis #7 (of 7)
Green Arrow and Black Canary #16
Justice League of America #29
Justice Society of America #23
Mighty Avengers #21
Moon Knight #26
Ms. Marvel #35
New Avengers #49
Spawn #188
Terry Moore's Echo #6
Thor #600
Uncanny X-Men Annual #2
Usagi Yojimbo #117
Wonder Woman #28
X-Factor #39
X-Men Legacy #220
Marvel - 13
DC - 9
Abstract Studio - 1
Dark Horse Comics - 1
Image - 1
Breakdown of comics ordered from DCBS as of October 2008:
Marvel Comics - 286
DC Comics - 247
Abstract Studio - 8
Dark Horse -8
Ape Entertainment - 4
Image - 4
Archaia Studios Press - 3
Boom! Studios - 1
Evil Twin Comics - 1
Super Real Graphics - 1
Unknown Publisher - 1
Marvel Comics now leads with 50.71% of the comics ordered from DCBS and DC Comics drops to 43.79% all other indie's move up to 5.5%.
- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson