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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Superior Spider-Man #1-8, Marvel Comics . . . A few thoughts

Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man #1 Variant Cover
So I just read Superior Spider-Man a few days ago (I just got them all in) and I know that there are a lot of haters out there but I actually like it . . . a lot.

That being said I absolutely hate that Doc Ock is inside Spider-Man's body and I want him out of it as bad as everyone else but I am willing to let the story play out for a little while.

My theory from the end of Amazing Spider-Man #700 was that this wasn't going to be permanent. Marvel would destroy Spider-Man's life and then put Peter back in the costume and back in his body. With Superior Spider-Man my thoughts became even stronger about this when the "ghost" of Peter Parker appears and has been following Doc Ock around and is slowly starting to take back what is his.

Spider-Man's life has been too good as of late, great job, back with Mary Jane, on the Avengers and FF . . . it's a perfect life . . . Spider-Man is best when he's fighting to make things better and my theory is that he will lose all of these things and possibly more under Doc Ock's reign and then most likely Doctor Strange will come in and work his magic to get Peter back where he belongs.

So far it's playing out almost exactly as I expected but I'm hoping that it doesn't go on much longer because Peter Parker is my favorite character and the only real Spider-Man as far as I am concerned.

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Kevin P. Johnson

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