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Monday, May 13, 2013

A NORMAL GIRL - Kickstarter Project

Check out this great new Kickstarter Project by comic book artist Joe Badon.

A quirky, serious, fantasy family film. A young girl who attends a school for "gifted" children believes she may soon have the gift of flight (the one talent that her school and her parents believe to be impossible).
It's fun, silly and serious low budget movie that mixes David Lynch, Napoleon Dynamite and Tim Burton into a touching family film.
We need some shots that may require rented locations, equipment, etc...
Also, we'll need funding for creating the DVD's, distribution to film festivals, etc...
Trailer Credits:
Written and Directed by: Joe Badon
Cinematography by: Emma Badon
Additional Footage by
Dad: Joe Badon
Jane: Sophie Badon
Music by:
Kevin Macleod

Risks and challenges

The big challenge is just completing the rest of the film (ie: setting up location shots, scheduling around actor and crew schedules, etc...). The more funds we have the easier it will be to get the right locations, pay actors, feed the crew, etc...

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