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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Backing Boards #3 - The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Times A Month

Well for the third Backing Boards I thought why not mention The Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. I had been behind on Spider-Man comics for a while (what's new right) but was collecting all the main titles anyway and reading a bit here and there. When I heard that Spider-Man was going to only one title "Amazing Spider-Man" three times a month I had a happy thought now its all together and going to be easy to keep up. I came in on the three titles to read the "One More Day Story Arc" and although many people don't agree with the outcome of that story it has provided us all with an Amazingly fun and exciting Spider-Man title. Besides we all know that Spidey and Mary Jane will find each other again someday and everyone will be happy again.

Spider-Man is now usually the first thing I read every month when I get my DCBS order in and I've been nothing but happy every step of the way. I wish Marvel would do this with the X-Men titles all under the Uncanny banner and it wouldn't be that bad with the Avengers either one Avengers title three times a month would be ok even if it is an extra comic every month.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Backing Boards #2 - Moon Knight

I think I have mentioned before that Moon Knight is one of my favorite characters and that his current series has been much more than less than satisfying. I told myself that if it didn't turn around by issue #20 that I'd have to consider dropping the title. I was sick of every issue being about how crazy Moon Knight is and the constant harping on it. I think we all get it and after the first story arc it would be nice to move on and keep the crazy as that back story thats always there but not the focus of everything. Issue #20 came out and it was to be a Werewolf By Night story...I was happy when I heard this because I've never read those original stories. Well the issue was great and surprisingly the first appearence of Moon Knight was reprinted in the back of the was pretty terrible but I loved it anyway because it was fun. #21 was good stuff too because the baddies are finally here and Moon Knight is back to being a hero who fights the bad guys and not just his personal demons. Hopefully this keeps up for a long, long time.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Backing Boards #1 - Action Comics

I have collected Action Comics since issue #835...but have never read an issue until #866 the first part of the Braniac story arc. That seems like a quite waste of money to me but someday I plan on going back and reading them. I decided to collect Action Comics around the time I really wanted to learn more about the DC Universe. I chose Action because I thought I needed a Superman comic and this one has been around longer than anything else. I've never been a huge fan of Superman, I like him but I just never got into him. The Braniac story seemed like a good place to jump on being I know nothing about Braniac at all this seemed like I couldn't lose. Well the story is really good through three parts (I think its 4 parts) and I do want to keep up on Action Comics now. My only complaint is that Superman looks like Christopher Reeve. I liked Christopher Reeve but I never thought he looked like Superman but I can live with it for a while.

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Friday, September 26, 2008

Backing Boards - A New Segment

Well it seems that I never have time to really get into blogging but I don't want to abandon the blog so I have come up with a new segment that I hope can get me going. Instead of doing a long review all the time I thought maybe just do a short post about something I read or something I'm thinking about in the comics realm. I'm calling these post Backing Boards and will give each post a number and try to keep it down to about one paragraph.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Current DCBS Order September 2008

These are the comics I have on order with DCBS for the month of September 2008, feel free to discuss what you are excited about.

I went a bit over budget this month...better sell some stuff on eBay.

Action Comics #871
Amazing Spider-Man #576
Amazing Spider-Man #577
Amazing Spider-Man #578
Batman #682
Batman #683
Captain America #44
Detective Comics #850
Final Crisis #6 (of 7)
Green Arrow and Black Canary #14
Hulk #8
Justice League Of America #27
Justice Society Of America #21
Mighty Avengers #20
Ms. Marvel #33
Ms. Marvel Special Storyteller
Moon Knight #24
New Avengers #47
Patsy Walker Hellcat #4 (of 5)
Secret Invasion #8 (of 8)
Spawn #186
Terry Moore's Echo #8
Thor #12
U Is For United 2008 Comic Geek Speak Listener Anthology
Uncanny X-Men #504
Wonder Woman #26
X-Factor #37
X-Men Legacy #218

Comics Now Magazine #4

Marvel - 16
DC - 9
Abstract Studio - 1
Image - 1
Unknown Publisher - 1

Went way over budget this month with 2 extra comics and a magazine. Next month a few things will drop off and I'm going to have to maybe drop a few titles.

Breakdown as of September 2008:
Marvel Comics - 260
DC Comics - 231
Abstract Studio - 6
Dark Horse - 6

Ape Entertainment - 4
Archaia Studios Press - 3
Image - 2
Boom! Studios - 1
Evil Twin Comics - 1
Super Real Graphics - 1
Unknown Publisher - 1

Marvel Comics now leads with 50.4% of the comics ordered from DCBS and DC Comics drops to 44.8% all other indie's move up to 4.8%. The Comic Geek Speak Book is bieng published by someone unknown to me at this time and I almost missed it on the order I'll updated this if and when I find out who the publisher is.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson