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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Collection Oddities #1 - The Tick Honk If You Love Justice Bumper sticker

So we all have those weird things in our collections that we hold on to for whatever reason right? Maybe it's just me but either way I'm going to post something that maybe is a little odd or kind of rare or just weird that I have in my collection.

The first entry is The Tick: Honk If You Love Justice bumper sticker from 1994. I've had this thing on my refrigerator for years (never taken off of it's sticker backing) and I wonder if anyone else has one of these around. I have a few Tick related things that are a little odd being that I used to order my comics from New England Comics who also published The Tick comics so I knew about the Tick before he had his moment of mainstream success . . . but unfortunately I didn't get the early issues of the comics. So here is my silly bumper sticker from way back in 1994 the first of my odd collectibles.

The Tick Honk If You love justice bumper sticker

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