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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

N'AWLINS TOY SHOP - 2134 Airline Drive Kenner, LA

Mark Guillory owner

The Penguin
N'AWLINS TOY SHOP . . . never heard of it? Well it's been around 14 years and I tell you that this little hole in the wall is worth a visit if you are looking to find something you need, want to start a collection or just look at a lot of the toys that you had way back when.

The shop doesn't try to pretend it's an easy find either referring to itself as "The most well-hidden secret collectibles stash in the New Orleans Metro Area. Dealing in action figures, comic books, Hot Wheels, Barbie & more since 1998! When we said well-hidden, we meant it! Located on the second floor in the Jefferson Flea Market on Airline Drive, one block from Williams Blvd in Kenner"

The actual address is 2134 Airline Highway, Kenner Louisiana. But when you get in the building it's a maze of antiques and collectibles  and you'll probably have to ask someone where the shop located on your first visit. The store is usually only open on weekends . . . mostly Saturdays . . . mostly 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, you'll want to join the Facebook page for openings updates at:

Owner Mark Guillory is very knowledgeable about the toys he has in the shop as well as the toys you may have in your personal collection. His shop is tiny but there is a huge amount of product covering just about every inch of the place which includes toys hanging from the ceiling. If you want Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Marvel Comics toys, G.I. Joe, Transformers, DC Comics toys, Barbie, or some weird stuff that came out in the 1970's it just might be there waiting to go home with you.

The N'AWLINS TOY SHOP is definitely a hidden secret that is worth finding out about. Get over there and find some cool things . . . and buy me something.

I kind of went crazy with my cell phone camera . . . check out all the cool stuff below.

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Hot Wheels and Diecast cars

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Thermos

Might Muggs
Star Wars

Star Wars

Nintendo and Super Nintendo games

Loose toys



DC Comics and Ghostbusters
Star Wars
Star Wars

Star Wars Glasses

Justice League figures

A bat guy

Darth Vaders

G.I. Joe


DC Comics Figures

Castle Greyskull



Junk Yard Dog

Batgirl Barbie

Harley Quinn

Afro Samurai

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Toys to the ceiling

Lord of the Rings and Friends

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