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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Backing Boards #9: Batman: Li'L Gotham #1 (DC Comics, 2013)

Batman Li'L Gotham #1 Cover
Batman Li'L Gotham #1
Published by DC Comics
Cover Price $2.99
Writers: Dustin Nguyen & Derek Fridolfs
Art: Dustin Nguyen

Batman Li'L Gotham #1 was one of those "by chance" comics for me. I had never heard of it before I attended my Drink and Draw group at Media Underground Comics in Metairie, LA. I saw it on the new comics shelf and by the cover art alone I knew I was going to buy it.

The art by Dustin Nguyen is amazing I'm not sure if it is water colors or maybe Copic Markers but it is very nice and a welcomed change in the art style that most mainstream comics have these days. The comic is intended for kids but the art has a classic feel like it would be in the New Yorker or Saturday Evening Post. 

Batman Li'L Gotham #1 Interior Art
The writing is strictly kid stuff but it is great fun. The stories are smart and full of humor taking Batman and Robin through silly Halloween and Thanksgiving adventures . . . that's the only thing that didn't make sense about this comic book, why release these holiday stories in April?

This comic book is a great starter comic for young children looking to get into comics . . . but equally as fun for adults looking to have a little light hearted fun in their reading . . . and the art is wonderful. 

This comic was released online originally by DC.

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Batman Li'L Gotham #1 Interior Art
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