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Friday, December 26, 2008

Backing Boards #6 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1

So I had heard abot this Wonderful Wizard of Oz comic coming out from Marvel Comics. Well I as a kid did not like the movie I think it was because I was forced to watch it because it always seemed to be on TV around Christmas time and all the other kids in the family seemed to want to watch it. I have not seen it in many years and didn't think I would be buying the comic book but I knew Skottie Young was doing the art and he's just so good. I didn't order it but I just happened to go into BSI Comics in Metairie, Louisiana and they had #1 so I picked it up and flipped through the pages. Man Skottie Young is good stuff and I bought it for the art alone.

So I just read #1 and its really good . . . given me new faith in the old Wizard of Oz story. The comic seems to be written for everyone, a child could read it or an adult and have fun with it and if the future issues are anything like #1 it'll be great when they release it in tradepaperback (I hope they do an oversized hardcover).

The characters look amazing and although we've only met Dorothy, The Witch of The North and the Scarecrow as for major characters I absolutely love the look of the Scarecrow and he's going to be my favorite character in the series. I'll have to hunt for #2 since I missed the order from DCBS on it but I will find it you can count on that.

Damn you Skottie Young it seems I like the Wizard of Oz now.

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

My Current DCBS Order December 2008

These are the comics I have on order with DCBS for the month of December 2008, feel free to discuss what you are excited about.

I'm late on the blog again it's been pretty hard to work on the blog and do a webcomic at the same time but I'm trying.

Action Comics #874
Amazing Spider-Man #585
Amazing Spider-Man #586
Amazing Spider-Man #587
Batman #686
Captain America #47
Dark Avengers #2
Detective Comics #853
Green Arrow & Black Canary #17
Hulk #10
Justice League of America #30
Justice Society of America #24
Mighty Avengers #22
Moon Knight #27
Ms. Marvel #36
New Avengers #50
Spawn #189
Terry Moore's Echo #10
Uncanny X-Men #506
Usagi Yojimbo #118
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #3 (of 8)
Wonder Woman #29
X-Factor #40
X-Men Legacy #221

Comics Now #5 (magazine)

Marvel - 14
DC - 7
Abstract Studio - 1
Dark Horse Comics - 1
Image - 1

Breakdown of comics ordered from DCBS as of December 2008:
Marvel Comics - 300
DC Comics - 254
Abstract Studio - 9
Dark Horse -9
Image - 5
Ape Entertainment - 4
Archaia Studios Press - 3
Boom! Studios - 1
Evil Twin Comics - 1
Super Real Graphics - 1
Unknown Publisher - 1

Marvel Comics now leads with 51.02% of the comics ordered from DCBS and DC Comics drops to 43.12% all other indie's move up to 5.86%.

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson