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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hero By Night (Hardcover) - Platinum Studios Comics/ Top Cow

Hero By Night . . . never heard of it . . . me either.

So I went into BSI Comics in Metairie, LA and as I am looking through the used trade paperback and graphic novel section and what catches my eye besides Hero By Night and its awesome blue flame cover (my photo does not do it justice). The cover has a foil stamped logo and some of the flames are also treated the same way.

The basic story is that a young man who isn't really living up to his fathers expectations finds the hidden base of Hero By Night a superhero who was last seen in 1956. He soon finds out that a ring that is included with the journals and costumes gives him power.

As any broke young person might think he quickly decides to sell his findings on eBay. This only notifies the bad guys that the ring has been found. Before you know it our young friend (Jack King) is thrust into becoming the new version of the superhero Hero By Night.

I'm not going to spoil this comic any more for you because I want you all to read it. It's a really fun read and can be found online for free at this link: Hero By Night the website includes the entire book in the Mini-Series section but the really cool thing about the site is that it also includes the Journals from 1945-1956 of the original Hero By Night and then there is an Ongoing Series section that seems to have ended in 2008.

Hero By Night does a good job of being fun and original and I think that people who have read and enjoyed The Escapist will find a familiar feel about this book and will have a great time reading it as I did.

Note: I have not yet read the webcomic pages yet but I do look forward to it it looks just as fun as this book.

Hero By Night is written and drawn by D. J. Coffman with colors by Jason Embury. Hardcover, 96 pages, full color. Cover price $12.99.

- Kevin P. Johnson

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