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Friday, May 6, 2011


They had me at Super Dinosaur.
They had me at armored rocket launching T-Rex.
They had me at talking dinosaur people from the middle of the earth.
They had me at Robert Kirkman has a new comic book out called Super Dinosaur.

I wasn't expecting this comic book . . . hell I didn't even know that it was coming out until I saw a video by Jason and Monty of BSI Comics where they talked about it. Well I went over to the store and bought it and it was soooooooo worth it. This comic is what I'd like to call crazy . . . good crazy . . . fun crazy. You've got mad scientist, a talking T-Rex, a bunch of dinosaur men that can also talk, a genius kid that helps his scientist dad figure out how to make things work and some robots just for fun. Oh and before its over there is a work crew that reminds me of some sort of modern day Speed Racer pit crew.

The basic plot is that Super Dinosaur and young Derek Dynamo (son of Doctor Dynamo) and his robot Wheels are a team that each day set out to stop the evil plans of the evil Dinosaur Men created by Max Maximus. They do pretty well with this but the armor Super Dinosaur is not quite strong enough to do the job and the new "Pit Crew" comes in and helps fix all the problems making Super Dinosaur and super bad-ass missile shooting talking T-Rex. Oh and lets not forget the rebellion amongst the dinosaur men.

The book is fairly fast paced and makes great strides in its efforts to include a little bit of the many directions this book will go and introduces a cast of characters that all seem to have unique personalities. The book knows its crazy and all about a Super Dinosaur but I think Kirkman and the gang have set themselves up to have great fun and play as if they were 8 year old's. It seems I'm never in on that comic that is really cool and everyone loves and just a few months later its all sold out and the 1st issue is marked up to $20. Well I don't know if it'll be like that but it feels like a special title that everyone should read if they like having fun with comic books.

If you don't believe me that its is awesome you better be sure to pick up the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2011 - SUPER DINOSAUR ORIGIN SPECIAL! Get it on Saturday May 7, 2011 at your local comic book store. It'll be free.

Story by Robert Kirkman, Art & Colors by Jason Howard, Letters by Rus Wooton, Cover by Jason Howard, Publisher - Image Comics, Cover Price - $2.99, 28 pages, full color.

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