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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mini-Comics: Zombie Ween - An Up An Adam Product

Zombie Ween . . . what happens when Roger a changeling has to pick a costume for Halloween when he can be anything that he wants? Well of course he chooses to become a zombie . . . who wouldn't . . . the problem with that is well zombies aren't that smart and might not remember how to change back.

This little mini-comic is a fun and cute little zombie story for all ages and its a quick read too. I've read this little comic maybe thirty times (it only takes about a minute) and I smile every time. Zombie Ween is a comic filled with simple one panel little drawings and just a few words on each page that allow you just enough to understand what is happening. I'm not sure how available these comics are but you should try to get one by contacting Adam at his pod cast website (linked below) and I'm sure he could hook you up.

19 pages B&W by Adam Daughhetee and Duane Ballenger there is no cover price on this little gem. Adam is one of the host of the podcast The Dollar Bin and has published several mini-comics and compilation comics for his show.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2010 Kevin P. Johnson

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