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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mini-Comics: Zombie Crisis - Dollar Bin Productions

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ZOMBIE CRISIS! Sounds scary doesn't it well this mini-comic is a quick read that has a moment of scary, a moment of shock, a moment of kicking ass and a moment of relief. Zombie Crisis is a black and white 11 page wonderfully drawn comic that really gets the message of the story across quickly. It uses all 10 of its story pages to create a mood and feel that fully explain where you are and how it feels to be in Columbia, South Carolina that kinda tragic day when the zombie came.

Written by Adam Daughhetee of the Dollar Bin podcast with editor Ted Tarver a fun horrific zombie tale is quickly told on a hot summer day in South Carolina, a day that the citizens will never forget . . .well at least they won't forget that guy that kicks ass on zombies. Andy Jewett's art is wonderful and includes a lot more detail than I have seen in the few mini-comics that have been able to acquire in my years of collecting comics.

Contact Adam at the Dollar Bin to see if you can get your hands on this awesome looking little mini-comic. 11 pages, B&W, No price on the comic.

Note: There is a drawing on the back cover of a zombie fairy and zombie godmother signed by LATTA not sure who that is but it is really cute and awesome and I would love to see more art by that person (you'll have to get a copy of Zombie Crisis to see that . . . for now).

- Kevin P. Johnson

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