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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Call For Links

Hey there everyone I am about to set up a links page for this blog and I am looking to link to comic book creators, comic book companies, webcomics, comic blogs and anything that relates to comic books. I won't bother you for anything more than a link. If your sight contains material that is pornographic I will not link to you (I'm going to check). I'll have the link page up soon.

Kevin P. Johnson


Piperson said...

Hey that's really cool of you! I sent you two blogs that I work on (I hope). The Brilliant Bella, a comic I write and Tiina Birgitta Räisänen illustrates; and the Great comic Book Heroes, a simple fun blog about everything comics like yours. Thanks much!

I Read Comic Books said...

where did you send the links? they are not showing up?

I Read Comic Books said...

I found it on your page and you are now linked.