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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Comic Book Day at Magic Comics and Hobbies

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event happening the first Saturday in May for comic book fans and newcomers to gather in comic book stores around the country to get samples of mainstream and independent comic books and plenty of kids comics as well. As a fan of almost every style of comics and art I try to get as many of the offered books as I can and most years I visit multiple stores to see if they may have something different or have a store special and as a rule I will buy something at each store that I get free comic books from because I know that what is Free for me is not free for the comic shop.

This year I spent the day at Magic Comics and Hobbies in Slidell, LA as a guest artist along with Transformers artist Robby Musso and upcoming artist Mark Rhodes who plans to produce comic books in the near future. I only did two sketches but I had fun seeing old friends, talking about comics, video games of yesteryear, and just about everything else under the Geek Sun.

Here's what I drew:

There are a lot of free comics to be found on Free Comic Book Day at Magic Comics and Hobbies and they let you take whichever ones you want. Owner David Strecker does a great job of having a large supply of the comics available and most customers get the comics they were looking for in the program. For me I as I said before I want to get as many as I can (my collector brain loves free stuff) below is a list of comic books that I got this year (A major haul).

What I got :
Sideshow Collectibles Catalog
The Tick: FCBD 2011
Green Lantern Flashpoint Special
Locke & Key FCBD 2011
World's Of Aspen 2011
Young Justice Batman Super Sampler
The Mis-adventures of Adam West/Things To Come . . .
Jake The Dreaming
The Amazing Spider-Man
Elric: The Balance Lost FCBD
Path of the Plainswalker
Mouse Guard/The Dark Crystal
Super Dinosaur: Origin Special!
2000 AD
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators/Top 10 Deadliest Sharks
Inspector Gadget/Johnny Test
Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers/Darkwing Duck
Geronimo Stilton and The Smurfs
Atomic Robo/Foster Broussard/Moon Girl
John Stanley's Summer Fun!
Pep Comics featuring Betty & Veronica
Rated Free For Everyone!
Witch & Wizard
The Stuff of Legend/The Intrepid Escape Goat
Bongo Free-For-All 2011
Baltimore/Criminal Macabre
Top Shelf Kid's Club
Captain America and Thor The Mighty Fighting Avengers
Sonic The Hedgehog
Richie Rich in Eruption Disruption!/Kung Fu Panda
Silver Scorpion
Loose Ends/I.C.E. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
The Darkness: Confession
Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Avatar: The Last Airbender
Civil War Adventure
White Lantern Ring
Black lantern Ring
IDW Star Trek Infestation Patch
Sideshow Collectibles Keychain
Green Lantern Hero Clix figure
Ultimate Flame-O (Strange City Heroes) Sketch

I love that there are so many comics and that there is a such a great variety of art styles that makes every comic stand out as a star. I have only read one so far but I keep looking at the pile and am ready to jump in and read things I may never have been exposed to if not for Free Comic Book Day and Magic Comic and Hobbies.

I hope that the tradition of free comic book day continues for years to come because it seems to get bigger and better each and every year.

Another big tradition at comic book events is that the Louisiana Chapter of the 501st Legion Bast Alpha Garrison show up and help bring in the crowds who want to take pictures with official looking replicas of the characters from the Star Wars movies and these guys take it very seriously when it comes to making their costumes look authentic. The 501st Legion has branches all over the world and make appearances at events and raise money for charities of all sorts. Along with the Star Wars characters a beautiful pirate lady showed up and posed for pictures as well.

Free Comic Book Day 2011 was great fun. I'd like to thank David Strecker and the Magic Comics and Hobbies staff Trey and Mikey for allowing me to be a guest in their store and for being such a great place that helps spread the love of comic books. The customers there are also great and there is always a great conversation to be had. If you're in Slidell check them out its an awesome place with an awesome supply of comic books, toys, models, games, statues and action figures (and probably a heck of a lot more.)

Magic Comics & Hobbies LLC
727 Robert Blvd.
Slidell, LA 70458

Thanks for reading,
Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2010 Kevin P. Johnson


Jessie said...

Looks like it was a blast. I'm sorry I missed it!

I Read Comic Books said...

You should have been there . . . you could have heard what Robby was requested to draw.