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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Terry Moore's ECHO #1 and #2

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ECHO #1 & #2
Artist & Writer: Terry Moore
Cover Price: $3.50
Publisher: Abstract Studio

So I wasn't going to pick this comic up. I knew Terry Moore and Jeff Smith both had new comics coming out and I was interested in getting both Echo and Smith's RASL but I just didn't want to add anything to my pull list right now.

So I walked into BSI Comics in Metairie, Louisiana looking for that $4.99 Witchblade trade that came out and of course it was sold out but I looked on the shelves and saw ECHO #1 & #2 they had 1 copy of each left and as soon as I saw the covers I had to get these at least to tryout. Ok so I have an instant attraction to the girl on the cover she has the look that I like in women (man is that fanboy or what?). They had RASL too but sorry Jeff Smith I just didn't like what I saw and Terry Moore's covers blew me away.

So I go home and not knowing anything about what the story would be I dove right in. Instantly I was hooked. The story is about a mysterious material being experimented on by the government and a girl who happens to get herself in the way of the fallout of this experiment. The name ECHO is still a mystery as far as I can tell but I predict that it may have something to do with the name of the project that the government is working on (I'll have to read it again). I am also intrigued as to where this story will go because it has all the makings of a super hero type comic as well as a government conspiracy title.

Terry Moore's art is nice, I think he's best when he does a drawing with minimal background because his characters seem be natural figures and they often have wonderful facial expressions that leaves you not needing any more.

I expect issue #3 to start the figuring out of just what the main character Julie has stumbled upon as well as solidify the supporting cast. I just hope I can find a copy of #3 and #4 being that I don't have them on my pull list until #5 comes out.
-Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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