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Monday, April 7, 2008

Oops forgot to metion the best of the week???

So I forgot the best stuff of the week...Thats to be expected I guess...but don't tell anyone.New Avengers #38-39 and Secret Invasion #1. In New Avengers the Invasion is starting to begin and Wolverine gets to do some good old killin' and Skrull is the best kind of killin' if ya ask me! New Avengers has been on of my favorite comic books since it came out and I hope none of these guys turn out to be a Skrull. I think Echo would be most likely if anyone but I'm afraid that Luke Cage or Jessica Jones could be a Skrull just to make me mad and then their baby would be some sort of Skrumanbieng or something. Secret Invasion #1 is a whole lot to take in and leaves you with quite a few oh crap moments and FOUR SKRULLS revealed I don't want to be a spoiler this early so I won't say who the Skrulls are but I'd feel it ok to say that Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards has a very small chance of being a Skrull being that he gets dealt with by a Skrull and all. I can't wait for number two!!!!

- Kevin P. Johnson
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