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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Justice Society Of America #12 - 13

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Justice Society of America #12 & 13
Cover Price: $2.99 each
Publisher: DC Comics
Major Characters: Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Flash (Jay Garrick), Hawkman, Powergirl, Superman (Kal El - Kingdom Come), Mr. Terriffic, Dr. Mid-Nite, Liberty Belle, Hourman, Stargirl, Cyclone, Wildcat (Ted Grant), Wildcat (Tommy Bronson), Damage, Starman, Citizen Steel, Judomaster, Jakeem Thunder, Amazing Man, Superman (Clark Kent) and a few others

So the Justice Society keeps getting bigger and bigger and I'm still ok with that but lets get some action soon. I'm getting new characters every issue it seems and even though I've heard that this book is for old school DC Fanboys I still like it and have enjoyed every issue so far.

One part I have personal feelings about is the Amazing Man segment in issue #12. A character from New Orleans that I never knew about before makes me happy. They dabbled into the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and there was a barge that needed to be removed...this is based on a real story and to see Power Girl and the Kingdom Come Superman remove it made me feel good that DC treated my home with respect. I hope that they do more with this story.

The Kingdom Come element is fine with me. I read it a few years back and it was a great story. A lot of comic book fans don't want this in DC continuity but I'm good with it if they have alternate universes they can cross over and its just fine with me. I like the two Supermen and how they interact with each other its not quite normal for either of them as I see it but they know that they are both on the same side.

The one thing I find kinda weird and maybe even stupid is the fact that we have two Wildcats. Why do they both have to be named Wildcat and why doesn't this bother anyone? I understand the father and son thing but come on two people on the same team at the same time with the same name...its just weird to me. I know DC has a lot of this going on with other characters and I just wanted it to be known that it bothers me.

The cover to JSA #13 is simply beautiful. My preview here is something I found on the internet because the actual issue has a barcode on it and it takes away from the Alex Ross awesomeness. Its just a great image and all the heads around it (mostly looking in) work really well. I'd buy a poster of this one for sure.

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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