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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Comic Book Conventions and The Lack Thereof

So its convention season and all the podcasts are reporting from the cons and although its cool to hear the interviews it kinda sucks for me because we don't get any cons in Louisiana...maybe some small local stuff but nothing major. We had 1 good one here that I know of (ever) it was called The Big Easy Comic Con (It was owned by Mid-Ohio Comic Con) and it was awesome. I just wish we could get something down here Big Easy never came back due to the hotel selling their space for the next year (which they had already paid for). I got to meet Brian Michael Bendis when he was doing Sam and Twitch and got to talk to him for at least 30 minutes with just me and my friend. There are some funny stories to go along with this show but that's another blog. Anyway I felt like there was a lot of support in New Orleans for a Convention and I have always wondered why there are never any shows around here??? So if you have conventions around you or can afford to travel to them enjoy them to the fullest.

-Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson


chad said...

They are also great because you can find rare items and other things "Joe Customer" can't get his or her hands on.

I Read Comic Books said...

Yep what Chad said!

I Read Comic Books said...
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