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Monday, April 7, 2008

Ahhhh Comics Satisfaction - I've been reading a lot this week

Is it me or are comics really good right now?

I've been reading a lot this last week or so and have been totally satisified on almost everything I've read. Comics arejust fun and good these days. I did some catching up on DC's 52 (I'm so far behind) finishing issues 34-39 I really like this series becauise it gives me a chance to read many DC characters that I don't know about and it gives me a little better knowledge of the DCU. One of my favorite comics is Justice League of America for the same reason as 52 there are so many characters running around and although Batman, Wonderwoman and Superman are there there is a great cast that steals the show. In JLA I've heard people complain about Red Tornado and to be honest I had never heard of him until issue #1 and he is now one of my favorite DC characters and after issue #18 & 19 I'm looking forward to what happens in the next year with Red Tornado. Lastly in DC I caught up on Wonder Woman issues #12-18 and Annual #1. I like this title which I never thought I would when it came out. The question is often asked what should a girl read if she is new to comics and wants to try superheroes? I'd definitely suggest Wonder Woman especially since Gail Simone is writing it now.

I also read DMZ book 4 Friendly Fire from Vertigo. I love the art of Riccardo Burchielli on this book and and Brian Wood continues to make this story feel like this could actually happen someday.

Well remember my review of the Pat Lewis comic Abominable well I found the hardcover of The Claws Come Out which includes Abominable, Bad Date, Prowl, Zombie Trouble, & some Bonus Material all hosted by Lily St. Evil a voluptuous "Elvira" type horror hostess that make The Claws Come out a solid dose of Pat Lewis goodness! And its only $19.99 for 152 pages!

The last indie book of this round was Usagi Yojimbo #110 which was just a fun little story that makes me wonder why I ever stopped reading this comic? I gotta go find issues #1 - 104. I love Stan Saki...yes I said it.

Marvel maddness was goodness too. Thor #6-7 wow Thor is becoming what he always needed to be the heir to Odin's throne. This comic makes me happy that I read comics everytime I read a new issue. Mighty Avengers #9-11 are finally making me feel like this book is getting its legs but then a villian like Dr. Doom will do that. I don't like all of these Avengers but I'm sticking with the book for a while. Hulk #2 was interesting but I want to do a post on Hulk so I won't say more on that. Amazing Spider-Man #549-554. Spidey is really good these days even if I don't agree with how we got here its just really good. New villians, old friends and I know that Mary Jane and Pete are going to find their way back together so I'll go for the ride Joe Quesada has decided to put me on. Ms. Marvel #24-25. Carol Danvers has become my favorite female character in the last three years and this book has been fun for me. I don't know all about her past but this book is fun and now that there is a Skrull doppleganger in the mix we might have a chance to see Ms. Marvel beat herself. Ok so Captain America #35-36 are pretty good (I know they are awesome but I have missed most of this series). I like that Bucky is now Cap and that he's learning. I have to do some learning myself and pick up some of the trades so I can truly appreciate this title.

So all that goodness can't go without some bad right? Moon Knight! I read #15-16 and I just have to say Charlie Huston needs to be completely gone from this book. I love the Moon Knight character and I love the way he looks but I really dread reading this comic. I like most of the artwork and would say its all been great with the exception of so many panels of the faceless Bushman...its getting old, really, really old...I think everyone knows that Moon Knight is quite crazy but if this book doesn't get a Bendis makeover or something soon I'm gonna go as crazy as old Marc Spector. I read Moon Knight and I put the book down and I have no idea what I just read...with acception of the Annual #1 I gotta say this series is terrible. I don't want it to be cancelled and I am going to keep on buying it but if anyone can get Moon Knight on the streets fighting crime, fighting a good villian, talking to Khonshu instead of Bushman I would appreciate it.

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright ©2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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