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Saturday, May 31, 2008

MACH GO! GO! GO! - Speed Racer The Movie

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So I had heard that this wasn't a good movie, I heard it wasn't making any money at the box office, and I heard it was not worth seeing. All that negativity made me want to see it more and I really wanted to see it on the big screen. I had not been able to get to the theatre until today and after tomorrow I think it will be out of theatres or at least by the middle of the week when new movies are released. So I had to go now and I've got to tell you matinee is the way to go $4.75 for a movie is kinda like doing something illegal these days.

I went in knowing that this movie was a cartoon made into a live action movie and it would be aimed at kids. That sounds great to me!!! So at the beginning there is a shot of young Speed Racer's shoe and it has drawings on it and the word GO for me that was all I needed to know I was going like this movie.

Its been a long time since I have watched the cartoon of Speed Racer but I do remember loving it as a child in the 1970's. This movie quickly let you know that it was still a cartoon and it was going to be ridiculous and wonderful and I think a lot of people will not allow themselves to get that. I get it. The movie was filmed using the brightest colors and fast action and there were constant flash backs and split screens and overlaying screens and a lot of stuff going on...I loved it. Crazy races and fight scene's, did I mention NINJAS?, and really cool cars and drivers. It really was a fun movie. The colors are really what got me wanting to see this on the big screen because I am known in my own art to use brilliant colors and I just had to see this.

The actors all really fit the characters well and maintained the look and feel of the cartoon. Spritle and Chim Chim really stole the show with their crazy antics and provided a great deal of funny moments. When I think back of the characters they all look in this movie like they did in the cartoon. Trixie, Speed, Pops and Racer X were dead on as far as I remember with Mom Racer, Spritle, Chim Chim, Sparky, Inspector Detector & the rest all looking like they were if not perfect close enough for me. The only thing I found odd was the Mach 5 - Mach 6 thing? They used the Mach 5 some but Speed mostly used a car that had a 6 on the side. I'm not sure why they had to do this there was a part where Speed said that the Mach 5 was his brother Rex Racer's car but he still used the Mach 5 and I don't know why he didn't use it when he raced...I'll probably have to go back to the cartoon to figure this one out.

Anyway I enjoyed it. I think if grownups would allow themselves to be kids again for a few hours that they would enjoy this too and hopefully it will do well on DVD and rentals and maybe we can get a part 2.


- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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