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Friday, May 9, 2008

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2008 - The Holdays are among us

So Free Comic Book Day was good this year again. We don't have conventions around here but we sure do have generous comic book stores. I went to three comic shops on Free Comic Book Day and got a boat load of stuff. In Metairie, Louisiana BSI Comics offered 10 free comics, & Media Underground Comics offered anything you wanted (they had a lot and some leftovers from previous years) both also had guest and heroclix and posters and stuff. Magic Comics and Hobbies in Slidell, Louisiana had all the big name books and some of the indie stuff, hero clix, Star Wars minatures figures and they were also giving away some Planet Hulk issues that they had overstock of. In years past I'd have gone to more stores but this year I was kina sick and had gotten most of the books so I called it a day and it was a good day.

Free Comic Book Days is my favorite holiday because to be honest I'm the only one in my family that is into comics and I don't have to worry about pleasing anyone or being at anyones house or whatever the other holidays bring.

So what did I get:

Lets start with the extras: I got three Iron Man Heroclix figures (not sure what series these are for) and one Iron Man (Supernova Series) Heroclix figure, one Wonder Woman (DC Heroclix Origin) Heroclix figure, three Batman (DC Heroclix Origin) Heroclix figures and 1 each of the Star Wars miniature figures Quarren and a clone trooper.

I got an autographed poster from the creators of Welcome To Border City the webcomic located at and got to see some of the original artwork. NICE STUFF guys!!!

Now for the comis I got:

2 copies of the EC Sampler
1 copy of Nascar Heroes

1 copy of Comics Go Hollywood
3 copies of Owly and Friends
1 copy of Ignatz
1 copy of Maintenance
1 copy of Wizard's How To Draw

1 copy of Kid Houdini and The Silver Dollar Misfits
1 copy of Shin Chan (Ashcan sized comic)
1 copy of The Moth
1 copy of Hero By Night/Gunplay
1 copy of Gumby
1 copy of Hellboy: The Golden Army
2 copies of Hellboy: The Mole

2 copies of Cartoona Palooza (1 autographed by Tim Lattie artist of White Picket Fences)
2 copies of Broken Trinity
1 copy of Impact University Volume 4
1 copy of Shonen Jump Special
1 copy Transformers Animated
1 copy of Sonic The Hedgehog

1 copy of Archies Pal Jughead
1 copy Walt Disney's Gyro Gearloose
1 copy od The Incredible Hulk/Iron Man

2 copies of Marvel Adventures Iron Man & Hulk & Spider-Man
3 copies of All Star Superman
2 copies of Bongo Comics Free-For-All 2008
1 copy of Graphic Classics
2 copies of Tiny Titans

1 copy of Worlds Of Aspen #3
1 copy of Love And Capes #7
1 copy of Del Rey & Dabel Brothers 2008 Preview
2 copies of Avengers/Invaders Sketchbook
1 copy of Owly: Helping Hands
3 copies of X-Men
2 copies of Project Superpowers: The Death-Defying Devil
1 copy of Arcana Presents

2 copies of Dan Dare/TheStranded
1 copy of Atomic Robo/Neozoic
1 copy of Neotopia: The Enlightened Age Book 1 (full manga book in color)

yes it was a good day!

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson


Monty said...

Thanks for the shout out man, it was awesome to meet you . sorry for the late response I'm still getting used to wordpress


I Read Comic Books said...

Hey Monty thnks for the tell me what it takes to do a webcomic I wanna do one too!!!

- Kevin