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Monday, February 25, 2008

Spider-Man Gumball Machine circa 1979

The crazy crap you'll find on eBay. This is something I had to have because when it was auctioned it said "includes the original gum from 1979" know you want to know what that looks like...wish I could show you but Hurricane Katrina took that away from the world.
So its a plastic gumball machine about 10.5 inches tall made by Hasbro Industries Inc. and it actually works. Drop a nickle in the coin slot and then WHAMO! a gumball drops out. Only problem is it has to be those tiny little gumballs that you'd need three or four to get your chew on!
This little gumball machine came wrapped in plastic and had The Amazing Spider-Man logo on the packaging but Hurricane Katrina took that too. I grabbed the machine on the way out when evacuating and left the crazy charming parts behind. So by now you are wondering what gum from 1979 looked like in 2005...pretty damned gross. It was like the gumballs joined together and the colors blended into a strange Seussian swirls with this layer of blackish green mold on was awesome!
I think I paid around $12 for this and I gotta say it's worth every penny.
- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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