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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Abominable by Pat Lewis

This image is copyright © 2005 Pat N. Lewis and is used as a Fair Use Review image only. Image will be removed upon request of Pat N. Lewis.

Abominable, 2005 Lunchbreak Comics
Cover Price: $5.00
Written and Drawn by Pat N. Lewis
B&W 48 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Major Characters:
Lisa, Jenkins, Luther (The Brain Damaged Janitor), The Abominable Snowman, Vicki, & a dinosaur called Junior.

My Review: (As spoiler free as possible)
WOW!!! This comic is soooo fun. Abominable is a great little story about a girl, a crappy job, and a big bad monster.

Lisa is called into her former job as a research scientist at Sunshine Labs to work on a hurried job on the Abominable Snowman project. Lisa's weasel of a boss Jenkins leaves her on her own and the fun ensues. The story seems to move nonstop all the way to the end and that's a good thing for me It probably will take you 10 minutes at most to read this 48 page comic but you'll smile even at the gory parts because they are just funny. Lisa finds out quickly that when you wake up the Abominable Snowman he's going to be angry and he's going to be hungry. You'll meet the brain damaged janitor Luthor who will provide several good laughs, you'll also see a destructo ray and a dinosaur named junior and well some strange and humorous experiments go on behind closed doors at Sunshine Labs.

Pat N. Lewis has a wonderful cartoon style with great black and white images and it puts a smile on my face to see his images. Even if you don't read this comic take a visit to his website listed below to enjoy some of his artwork.

I found this comic on eBay about two months ago I had heard about it about a year before and I found it totally by accident. I really don't know how easily it will be for you to track down . The eBay store I bought it from ( had three copies. If you go to you will find many other comics and artwork by Pat N. Lewis but I see no mention at this time of Abominable. I came across Abominable when I searched for Mini Comics on eBay when I was trying to expand my horizons a little bit and I got a few good laughs and found a new artist I really like.

Happy Hunting!!!

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson


Pat Lewis said...

Hi Kevin! Thanks for the nice review.

FYI, "Abominable" is included as one of the stories in THE CLAWS COME OUT, which was just published in hardcover format by IDW in December 2007. I'm no longer selling the minicomic, but anyone who's interested should be able to get THE CLAWS COME OUT from their local comic shop,, or my website.

Thanks again!


I Read Comic Books said...

Wow. I didn't know if anyone was going to see this new blog I started and the person I wrote about is my first response. Thanks Pat! I will post an update and hopefully that will help your sales...I'll be getting more of your comics in the near future.
How did you find this so quickly?


Pat Lewis said...

I guess I'm kind of an egomaniac--I have a Google Alert set up to notify me whenever my name appears along with the word "comics" on a website, blog, etc. So that tipped me off to your blog. Keep up the good work!