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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Comic Book Reviews

Whith this blog I will be reviewing comic books, graphic novels, artwork, comic book related movies and anything else that I find interesting in the world of comic books. I also plan to show my own artwork here hopefully readers will like that. This is one of the many adventures I've been hoping to get started in my life so here we go!

The basics are that I plan to review complete stories and not every comic that comes out monthly. There will be plenty of Marvel and DC but count on the indies too. Sometimes I'll do old comics too that may be single issues or specific runs. My first review will be of Uncanny X-Men #170 which is really the start of it all for me as a collector.

Please note that my reviews are just my opinion and I would love to hear your feedback but please don't make this a hate fest and by all means make suggestions of things for me to review and if I have it or can get my hands on it I surely will. Indie creators send me you websites or contact me if you'd like to send me your comics for review. I would love to help spread the word on everyone that I can.

-Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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Malcolm Wong said...


We were hoping you would be interested in interviewing Malcom Wong or reviewing his new comic book. His screenplay "Dog Eaters" has been adapted into a six issue manga-style comic book miniseries and an accompanying graphic novel collection by Dabel Brothers Publishing. Malcolm's story has been adapted by Sean J. Jordan, and features stunning manga-style pencils from Chilean illustrator, Guillermo A. Angel. Previews of the comic are available at his website, Further information on Malcolm and Dog Eaters is also available there, including other reviews and interviews. Attached is a press release and reviews of the miniseries.

Dog Eaters:

Mankind failed in its first attempt to transcend the Petroleum Age. The Die Off killed nine out of ten people worldwide. One hundred and seventy five years later, civilization consists of scattered nomadic tribes, isolated casino-cities, and roving bands of predatory bandits.

This is the world of the Black Dog Clan.

If interested please contact us via email -

Thank you