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Monday, March 25, 2013


Geek-Girl #0Published by Actuality Press
Cover Price $2.50
12 pages, Black and White
October 2012

Sam Johnson - Writer
Sally Stone-Thompson - Artist
Jaymes Reed - Leterer
Kris Johnson - Inlay Page Letters

 Geek-Girl #0 begins the story of Ruby Kaye a popular girl who wins a pair of high-tech glasses from her friend Trevor Goldstein that give the wearer super powers. Goldstein originally intended to use the glasses for himself to gain popularity and get the attention of a woman but soon finds himself giving up the glasses.

This comic is a preview at best and really needs to be longer to develop into a superhero story. You do get the basics of an origin here but not much more in this issue. I would like to have seen a super villain introduced and a confrontation but we don't get that only a cameo on the last page of the comic of some unnamed possible villain.

The art is heavily influenced by the manga style of Japanese comics and it seems like it would fit in well with readers of the genre. Geek-Girl did not feel like I was reading a superhero comic in this preview issue it was much more of a relationship between friends kind of story (which is not a bad thing). I think this book would have served itself better and gone a lot further with 24 pages. Geek-Girl #0 is a pretty good start for an indie comic but let's see more action and superheroing in the next issue.

I was also sent another title from Actuality Press called Mr. Mash-Up that is related to Geek-Girl and I will be reviewing that as well.

Find out more about Geek-Girl by clicking here: Geek-Girl Comics

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