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Saturday, March 23, 2013


 So do you like Pirates? Do you like cats? Do you not care about either? Well this is the comic strip for you.

Catbeard The Pirate the story of what happens when an "especially cruel" pirate has a curse put upon him where his beard becomes a living and active cat . . . wait what . . . yep that's right and it actually works well.

Catbeard The Pirate is a webcomic (print addition available as well) that can be found by clicking this link: Catbeard The Pirate webcomic. It has been running regularly since March of 2011 and if you start now it'll take you about an hour to read through it.

The comic starts off as one page gag comics that usually involve the cat doing something silly and funny. Eventually the comic starts developing into multiple page story arcs and although still keeping to its silly humor it starts to develop the characters into people or monsters you can care about or hate a bit too. It really finds it's way with the 64 page story called the Tides That Bind.
The comic has a lot of good points:
1. Pirates
2. Silly Cats (and I don't care much for cats)
3. Sea Monsters
4. Mermaids
5. The King of The Sea (makes me want Chinese buffet for some reason)
6. Wenches
7. Shark Chariot Pullers Is that what you call them?)
8. Dinosaurs
9. Ship Battles
10. A Pirate who has a cat for a beard . . . you'd think that would be first
11. It's funny
12. Pirate talk
13. Pirates

I like the way the comic is drawn some pages are more detailed than others but it all works together well. 

 Now the three things that bother me . . . but not that much (It's strictly personal taste on this stuff)
1. Sometimes their are comic updates in the middle of a story arc that are not part of the current story and that gets confusing.
2. No main archive page that shows a list of every comic from start to finish. You can however see a month by month archive if you click on the Previous Voyages.
3. Guest comics. I don't really like when an indie webcomic has other creators come in to do pages. To me it loses it's feel but I understand why people do it to keep a schedule and updates happening I would just rather not see that.

Catbeard the Pirate is a black and white full page comic that regularly comes out every Wednesday and Friday with updates on other days every once in a while. Besides the main story pages you will also see behind the scenes sketches and  a few guest comics set in the same world.
I hope that the long story arcs continue with a splash of the one pagers in between majors arcs. It's got a lot to offer in both directions.

If you would like the print version of the comic you can head over to order the book by clicking here: Catbeard The Pirate Book 1 - Keelhauling & Kitty Litter   Cost is $10.00 for the 104 page black and white book and it is digest size a $3.00 flat shipping fee applies at checkout.

Go on and give this comic a try you will not be disappointed. Unless ye be a scallywag with the scurvy in yer heart.

Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2013 Kevin P. Johnson
Images are copyright © 2011 - 2013 Matt Nelson and are used as Fair Use Review images only. Images will be removed upon the request of  Matt Nelson.


Dan Absalonson said...

I LOVE this comic! Nice post.

KevinJ1971 said...

Thanks, the Guy responded to an ad I posted around Facebook for some good stuff to review and sure enough it was good stuff.