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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Backing Boards #3 - The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Times A Month

Well for the third Backing Boards I thought why not mention The Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. I had been behind on Spider-Man comics for a while (what's new right) but was collecting all the main titles anyway and reading a bit here and there. When I heard that Spider-Man was going to only one title "Amazing Spider-Man" three times a month I had a happy thought now its all together and going to be easy to keep up. I came in on the three titles to read the "One More Day Story Arc" and although many people don't agree with the outcome of that story it has provided us all with an Amazingly fun and exciting Spider-Man title. Besides we all know that Spidey and Mary Jane will find each other again someday and everyone will be happy again.

Spider-Man is now usually the first thing I read every month when I get my DCBS order in and I've been nothing but happy every step of the way. I wish Marvel would do this with the X-Men titles all under the Uncanny banner and it wouldn't be that bad with the Avengers either one Avengers title three times a month would be ok even if it is an extra comic every month.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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Chad said...

The decision whether or not to consolidate is pretty much a business one, I'm sure. As long as those umpteen titles of X-Men are making money Marvel isn't going to consolidate them into just a couple different titles. Even though I haven't been a hardcore comic collector for quite some time now, I'd be more inclined to start up again if I didn't have to buy four or five different titles to keep up with a story arc. I remember back when X-Force began, the first story arc carried over to Spider-Man, a move probably to get X-Force some name recognition through one of Marvel's most popular titles. But then you have another dilemma: Which title do you settle on? Personally, just X-Men would be better than Uncanny or any of the other spinoffs, but that's just me.