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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Backing Boards #2 - Moon Knight

I think I have mentioned before that Moon Knight is one of my favorite characters and that his current series has been much more than less than satisfying. I told myself that if it didn't turn around by issue #20 that I'd have to consider dropping the title. I was sick of every issue being about how crazy Moon Knight is and the constant harping on it. I think we all get it and after the first story arc it would be nice to move on and keep the crazy as that back story thats always there but not the focus of everything. Issue #20 came out and it was to be a Werewolf By Night story...I was happy when I heard this because I've never read those original stories. Well the issue was great and surprisingly the first appearence of Moon Knight was reprinted in the back of the was pretty terrible but I loved it anyway because it was fun. #21 was good stuff too because the baddies are finally here and Moon Knight is back to being a hero who fights the bad guys and not just his personal demons. Hopefully this keeps up for a long, long time.

- Kevin P. Johnson

Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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