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Friday, August 15, 2008

Star Wars: the Clone Wars

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Well Star Wars: The Clone Wars came out today and (drumroll please) IT WAS A OK (cymbal crash). So I went in not really knowing what to expect from this movie and it gave me plenty of the unexpected. I don't know how well this is going to do in theatres because it is kind of a filler movie and it really doesn't advance the story much but with that being said it was a fun, action packed adventure movie and it looked really good.
I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I like all of the movies Episode I - VI as well as the two Clone Wars TV series. The Clone Wars isn't going to be considered the best Star Wars movie but it does give us a great look at some characters that have not had much screen time and a new character Zero The Hutt who is some sort of gay, southern, English speaking, tattooed, Hutt that I nearly peed my pants when I heard him talk.

My only problems with the movie are this:
1 - the voices and the movement of lips really didn't match up well and I kept noticing it...I hope they fix that on the DVD.

2 - I kinda wish I had known what the Sub-Story was (SMALL SPOILER ALERT) was because it was a bit weird. Jabba's baby was kinda hokey but I understand where they are going with it because if there is an Episode VII and beyond this character will be important (I think). I guess if I had paid more attention to the trailers and website I'd have know about it but I didn't want to know much so it would be fun and it really was.

I could watch more Star Wars movies like this but I still want more live action if they are going to make more movies.

Here's to George Lucas!!! I don't care what anyone may say I like what you do my friend!

- Kevin P. Johnson
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