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Friday, July 11, 2008

Jumping On

So it seems to me that most people who read and collect comic books at some point get behind on their reading and then never seem to catch up. I personally am a professional at this I have years worth of some titles that I buy every month that I am several years behind on reading namely Batman, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Uncanny X-Men & X-Men Legacy and maybe there are a few others. I decided this week that its time to just "Jump On" I did this a few months ago with Spider-Man during the "One More Day" story and its worked out fine. I'm just thinking that I'm wasting money buying stuff that is just sitting here waiting to be read when I have more than enough time to read everything I get in a month but the catching up 50 issues of X-Men seems like it would take forever.

I guess the real question is why do we do this? Why is it so hard to just jump on a title? I don't ever have a problem starting in on a comic I have never read before usually within three months I know what is going on.

The point of this blog....if I buy it I'm reading it the month I get it from now on!

- Kevin Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson

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JohnH985 said...

I used to have the same problem. I would buy comics that I never read or worse I would read and not like, but kept buying just to keep the series complete. I finally gave it up, it was hard, but I try to just buy what I read now.