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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Current DCBS Order August 2008

I'm a bit late with this I've been working on my website and had to put this blog on hold for a while. So anyway here's the update.

These are the comics I have on order with DCBS for the month of August 2008, feel free to discuss what you are excited about.

Action Comics #870
Amazing Spider-Man #573
Amazing Spider-Man #574
Amazing Spider-Man #575
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

Batman #681
Captain America #43
Detective Comics #849
Final Crisis #5 (of 7)
Green Arrow and Black Canary #13
Hulk #7
Justice League of America #26
Justice Society of America #20
Mighty Avengers #19
Monster Size Hulk #1

Moon Knight #23
Ms. Marvel #32
New Avengers #46
Secret Invasion #7 (of 6)

Spawn #185
Terry Moore's Echo #7
Uncanny X-Men #503
Usagi Yojimbo #115
Wonder Woman #25
X-Factor #36
X-Men Legacy #217

Marvel - 15
DC - 8
Abstract Studio - 1
Dark Horse Comics - 1
Image - 1

2 less comics this month and again Marvel dominates the month holding number 1 spot. As you can tell I mostly "Make Mine Marvel" always have probably always will. I haven't bought anything from Image in a while but with Todd McFarlane back involved with Spawn I thought I'd check it out for a while.

Breakdown as of August 2008:
Marvel Comics - 244
DC Comics - 222
Dark Horse - 6
Abstract Studio - 5
Ape Entertainment - 4
Archaia Studios Press - 3
Boom! Studios - 1
Evil Twin Comics - 1
Image - 1
Super Real Graphics - 1

Marvel Comics now leads with 50% of the comics ordered from DCBS and DC Comics drops to 45.5% all other indie's move up to 4.5%. I really want to see how far ahead Marvel gets over time. I enjoy all brands of comics but Marvel is where my heart is I guess. Someday I'm going to get a complete list of all of my comics and really get an accurate count.

- Kevin P. Johnson
Copyright © 2008 Kevin P. Johnson


Gary said...

Your pull list reads pretty similiar to mine. Marvel, as always, dominates my monthly list. For me it's more like 90% Marvel, 10% the rest of the guys. I'm also picking up Spawn now that TM is involved.

I Read Comic Books said...

Thanks for the comment Gary yeah Marvel is most of my collection I don't think its 90% but there have been times when all I got was Marvel.

I hope Spawn is good with Todd McFarlane back on it. I liked it a few years ago but it was always months and months late so I dropped it but hopefully its on a regular schedule these days.

PS how did you find this blog? Was it random or through a search?

- Kevin

Chad said...

Hey dude,

There's a new comic shop in Hammond near SLU. It's called Lionheart Comics. I don't know when it's open, and I haven't been there, but I though you'd like to know and perhaps spread the word.

I Read Comic Books said...

I'm going to have to see if I can find out anything about the new shop