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Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Spoiler Free.

So what did I think of Iron Man 3 . . . it was a damned good time.

I  decided long ago that comic book movies are not to be judged on the comic books they are based on and I just look for the nods to source material and let the movies be their own universe. Iron Man 3 was funny, it had a lot of action, it had a major unexpected twist to the plot of the story and it had tons of armor (lots based on the armor appearing in the comic books over the years).

I've seen a few people giving it early bad reviews but I'm here to say it was a really good movie that will give you laughs, superhero fun and even a few moments of Pepper Potts bad assedness. Movies will never be the exact same as the source material, this is something you just have to live with.

During the film there was a lot of talk about events in other Marvel movies (Avengers & Thor) that kept the universe connected which is something that I always enjoy. Robert Downy Jr. gives another great performance as Tony Stark and has some great scenes with young actor Ty Simpkins that were really funny. It wasn't all Iron Man saving the day on his own, he had help, kinda like the comics, I got what I expected from this movie and I mostly got what I wanted out of an Iron Man movie. Lots of crazy tech, armor flying all over crashing bashing and crashing through baddies, plenty of explosions and some "Hot" new villains.

This may be the last Iron Man movie in the series but I could go for one more.

I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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