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Friday, April 30, 2010

Thor Movie Picture Released.

The first image of Thor has been released I'm hoping this movie will be awesome!

I am happy that they have chosen this costume which seems to be much like the current costume in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

I await the first SMITE!

- Kevin P. Johnson

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Becky D. said...

Ugh... Thor. As if they're making a movie about him.
I still don't understand how they're going to bring the "Thou Art" language to the silver screen.
I suppose they need him for the Avengers.
Anyways. No hatin'. Gotta love Thor.

I Read Comic Books said...

I'm glad to see a Thor movie and if people can't get the "Thou Art" language they are silly because they would watch it in a lot of other movies with no problem. Thor is one of my favorites so I can't wait and if they take out the "Thou Art" language I'm ok with that too.

Thanks for the comments Becky!