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Monday, April 19, 2010

KICK-ASS The Movie / KICK-ASS The Comic

So on Friday I went to see KICK-ASS the movie. I had no idea what the story was about outside what the commercials let on and I knew that this was roumered to be a comic that was made in order to get a movie deal (I should find out if that's true or not.) Now despite the 8 or 10 jerks who sat behind me talking the entire movie (one even proclaimed he was "trippin' on extacy") this move was indeed KICK-ASS. I went in knowing nothing and came out with the opinion that this was the best comic book movie ever.

This is what I imagine a real world superhero would  go through nothing really working out but still as long as he or she was breathing justice would be served. This movie had the heart of Spider-Man with the grit and violence of Sin City and all of the characters seemed real enough that you might just know them. The name dropping in this movie is a Fanboys wildest dream and everything that fits in with comic book fandom was in this movie.

I don't want to spoil the movie but I promise you that the price of admission is well worth it . . . the child vigilante hero Hit Girl is worth the price of admission this this kid is the best on screen killing machine I think I've ever seen kinda like a baby Puinsher. This movie is not for kids but if you are old enough to see a Rated R movie GO SEE KICK-ASS.

After the movie I thought I have to go get the trade paperback of this book (that turned out to be a hardcover trade) and just looking at the cover I knew that this was going to be just as wild a ride as the movie.

The movie version of the story is very close to the comic book story and even includes many incodents of exact dialogue that appeared in the comics. (My Only Spoiler is that both the movie and comic ends with the exact same words.) Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. tell the tale of the modern day, real life superhero who has no clue as to the how he's going to save the world three days during the week and Sundays but he knows that if not him then who? KICK-ASS is simply the story of a teenage boy who for all intents and purposes just plainly exists in a world full of nobodies called high school, he has friends but he's just there and it is time that he stood up and did something that changed the world. Read this story, see the movie and if you get the chance go out and become a superhero . . . of course if you get hurt or hurt someone else that is your own doing and I am not to blame for giving you that idea.

- Kevin P. Johnson

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