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Monday, March 29, 2010

Make Mine Marvel

I love comic books . . . all kinds of comic books . . . I even create comic books (see my link below) but when I think of comics my first thought has always been and will always be Marvel Comics. There is something about the characters that Marvel has created over the years that just feels like home . . . like family. Spider-Man is the guy like most relates to comic book readers, Kittie Pryde is that first girl you ever thought of as not having cooties, Johnny Storm the Human Torch is like your cool older brother and Wolverine is that uncle that would show you awesome things as long as you didn't tell your Mom. Marvel Comics has thousands of characters heroes, villains, supporting cast and for some reason when something happens to any one of them it hits hard and that doesn't happen very often outside of Marvel for me (except for in my own comics).  Every character no matter how outlandish they may be has the characteristics of someone that you probably know in your real everyday life (or at least you might have seen someone like them on TV) and that brings a certain humanity into the fictional universe Marvel brings us every week. The Marvel Universe has its ups and downs but there are always the stories where our friends grow up, fall in love, defeat an unspeakable evil, sometimes they die, sometimes they get married or even have everyone forget that a certain marraige ever existed. All of these things stick with you and they touch you, if you tried to explain it people might think that you were being silly but still you know the pain of Gwen Stacy and her tragic death, you remember as if it were yesterday when Captain America was shot, you understand that the X-Men are a symbol of the fight for equal rights for everyone, you know that Peter Parker and Mary Jane did get married (even if Joe Quesada doesn't want it that way) all of these things may be fictional but they happen to our friends and for that I will always MAKE MINE MARVEL!

- Kevin P. Johnson
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Becky D. said...

Yes, my Brother!
My boyfriend is allied with DC.
What a loser.

I Read Comic Books said...

HA HA HA well all you can do is love him and show him the error of his ways.