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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching Up With The X-Men

Since the very beginning of my comic book collecting days there were the X-Men and I loved them. The 80's were awesome I think most people love that era I missed most of the 90's because I was not collecting but around 1999 I got back into comics and the first thing I bought was a stack of X-Men comics and I loved them again.

For some reason in aound 2005 I think right after hurricane Katrina I just stopped reading the X-Men comics without any real reason I didn't hate them I wasn't upset about anything I just stopped reading but I didn't stop buying.

A few weeks ago I decided that I would catch up on all of the comic books I had in the "To Read Box" which is really two long boxes and does not include the other boxes of stuff that are in the  "To Read Whenever Boxes" but anyway there are several years of Uncanny X-Men (Issues #469 - 521), X-Factor (#33 - 50 & 200-202 - returned to original numbering) & X-Men (Issues #177 - 207) which become X-Men Legacy (Issues #208-232) plus a few Annuals and a few specials.

I started with X-Factor and blew through that and I highly recommend it, its super-hero stuff but it has a real life feel to it and the characters are all in that not too popular to steal the show vein. The book focuses on Jamie Maddrox The Multiple Man and all the good and bad that being able to make duplicates of yourself with different parts of your personality can bring. And then there is Lala Miller and "She knows stuff." I am completely caught up with this series except for the Endangered Species & Messiah Complex crossover issues because I have not got there yet with the other X-Men Books.

Now I kinda look at Uncanny X-Men and X-Men/X-Men Legacy as pretty much the same books I know they are not but they have crossed over so many times and I just always feel like they are just one comic in two books. Jumping back into what I had not remembered what was going on wasn't so bad and the teams has a few of my favorite characters still running around Havok, Rogue, Polaris, Emma Frost (The White Queen), Ice Man and a few others. I have just reached the Endangered Species crossovers which is about half way though the catching up process. These comics are good and but not the most amazing things I have ever read it sofar is just keepin in touch with old friends (wondering if I will ever really like Cyclops) and watching them grow a little along with some characters I don't know much about. A lot of people do not like the X-Men anymore and I don't really get why because these comics are as good as anything else out there just not blow you away amazing every issue.

If you are looking for old school X-Men and can only have it that way then I think you may just want to pass on the X-Men titles but check out the modern X-Factor series it is really an excellent comic book series.

-Kevin P. Johnson
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