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Friday, March 28, 2008

What I'm Reading - My Pull List

What I’m Reading – My Pull List

Almost everyone out there in comic book land has their monthly pull-list of comics that they collect or just have to have out of some sort of weird obsessive compulsive pattern of behavior that they just can’t help but satisfy. For me I tend to buy a comics series for a very long timer even if I am years behind on reading them for example I am probably 2 years or so on Green Arrow and I have not even started to read the new Green Arrow and Black Canary series because I just have to catch up yet on other occasions I just jump back in on a series and do the catching up later I had let Spider-Man titles lag for a while and when I heard that they were doing one title three times monthly I jumped into the One More Day story arc and have kept up to date on Amazing Spider-Man.

Most comic book stores allow customers to create a pull list and is the thing to do if you collect more than five titles a month (if your shop offers this). Having a pull list is often a great idea because in my experience the shop will get to know you better and they can suggest new titles and if there is something missing from your folder (a fancy name for pull list) they will often go out of their way to get you your comic. In my case I have a cash issue and I have gone to an Internet service so that I can get a discount and get most of the comics that I want to read the indies lose out these days and Marvel and DC dominate my pull list but I love independent comics too and try to read as many as I can.

If you are in the New Orleans, Louisiana area I suggest going over to BSI Comics in Metairie and talking to manager Jason Grazulis and he can set you up. The shop is well stocked and they even have a girl working there “WOOO HOOO” so check them out at or stop in and impulse buy like I do. Also in the New Orleans are on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain stop in at Slidell’s best Magic Comics and Hobbies. Owner David Strecker is an awesome guy he even got me a copy of Captain America #25 on the day it came out when I didn’t even have it on my pull list. The shop is nice and they carry a wide variety of comics, toys, games and just about everything you can think of. Get on David’s good side and tell him you like Thor and ask him where he got that awesome book shelf that weighs about a million pounds. Check out and find links to their online store. Since I’m on a budget I shop online at DCBS they give great discount usually a minimum of 35% but sometimes 75% off on hot new # 1’s. I love this service and although they are an online service they treat you like they are their best friends. They go the extra mile for you and even find issues that they thought we out of stock for you. (Thanks Zack Ms. Marvel #25 is happy to be at my house I promise) Cameron Merkler is in charge over there (I think) and they do a great job of getting comics shipped quickly and in excellent 9.8 condition. Shipping is only $5.95 too for whatever you order.

So anyway here’s my current pull-list

Action Comics
Amazing Spider-Man
Captain America
Detective Comics
Final Crisis
Green Arrow and Black Canary
Justice League Of America
Justice Society Of America
Mighty Avengers
Moon Knight
Mouse Guard Winter 1152
Ms. Marvel
New Avengers
Secret Invasion
Uncanny X-Men
Usagi Yojimbo
Wonder Woman
X-Men Legacy

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That's it for now talk to you soon!!!
-Kevin P. Johnson
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