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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Haul #2: 36 Comic Books from Magic Comics and Hobbies

A terrible photo from my phone . . . batteries died on my camera
The Latest Haul: 36 Comic Books Price $12.??

Recently I went to Magic Comics and Hobbies in Slidell, LA to look through their bargain bin's of 3 for $1.00 comic books. I lost my reciept for these but it was a pretty good deal for less than $13.00.

So What did I get?
Daughters of the Dragon #1-3
Daughters of the Dragon: Deadly Hands Special #1 (2 copies)
Captain Universe: Invisible Woman #1
Micronauts #1
Quicksilver #4
Knights of Pendragon #11
Chicanos #1
The Theta Graft #1
Quasar #13
Teen Titans Spotlight # 6-8
Dark Reign Files #1
Sea of Red #13
Wonder Man #10, 12, 16
Comics Greatest World: Monster #4
Nexus: Alien Justice #1
Nexus: The Wages of Sin #2
What The..?! #4
Sleepwalker #1
Power Pack #15
Marvel Fanfare #7-8, 11-12, 33, 38, 40
Ragamuffins #1
Tellos: Prelude Toy Box An Another Exclusive

I didn't have a goal for these comics just wanted to get some comics and I went for #1 issues and stuff I thought looked cool. I did however get a great find in the batch with the Tellos Prelude book that one is valued at $10.00

Magic Comics and Hobbies is located at 727 Robert Blvd., Slidell, LA 70002, Open 7 Days a week
Website: Magic Comics and Hobbies
Facebook: Magic Comics and Hobbies
Phone: (985) 649-4171


Dan said...

I just added this store to my LA Comic book store directory. I've only got a few store listed right now.

What The Art! said...

What The Haul! Very nice :--)